History of our Practice


1993 – before Cogges Veterinary Surgery moved in

Terry was in the process of hanging up a door to separate the reception area from the back of the practice, where we had on the previous day installed brand new cages. Karen was standing behind the new desk, giving Terry helpful advice. It was a beautiful Spring day and the front door was open. The place smelled of fresh paint and optimism.


Karen & I, about to welcome our first client (click to open in new tab)

‘Excuse me?’
We looked up.
There was a man with a dog standing in the doorway.
‘Good morning,’ Karen greeted him. ‘How can I help you?’
‘Are you open?’
Karen looked at me, I shrugged, she smiled, and replied:
‘Of course we are. Come on in.’
It was 10 o’clock on Wednesday the 12th of May, 1993.
Cogges Veterinary Surgery was officially open.

Our staff in those early days: Karen the sole vet, ably assisted by Debbie and LeAnne.
During evening call-outs I was the ‘nurse’ (always carefully instructed and very strictly controlled by Karen) – in addition I took care of the paper-work, a job that eventually grew into that of practice manager.

Two extensions later, as well as the incorporation of the upstairs flat, has made that original practice almost unrecognizable.
Now we have 4 full-time veterinary surgeons, 7 qualified veterinary nurses, a qualified practice manager and a trainee nurse.
And yes, that first client still comes to see us..


Debbie, Karen & Kate, May 1993 (click to open in new tab)