Our Staff

These are the people that work here. The health-care team.
Which now includes 7 veterinary surgeons and 11 qualified veterinary nurses.

Sarah Hicks (MA VetMB MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon, Clinical Director

Sarah joined Cogges in February 2011

Doris Gangl (DrMedVet PgC SAO MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon

Doris has been with Cogges since March 2010.

Rachel Booth (BVSc MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon

Rachel joined Cogges in January 2011.

Anna Sacewicz (MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon

Anne joined Cogges in December 2016.

Christina Wondratschek (Dr.MedVet CertAVP MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon

Christina has been with Cogges since June 2017.

Bettina Gruninger (DrMedVet, MACVSc, MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon

Bettina joined Cogges in December 2018.

Kerry Scarlett (CVPM MBA) Practice Manager

Kerry joined Cogges in March 2001.

Jessica Hazell (RVN) Veterinary Nurse, Deputy Practice Manager

Jessica joined Cogges in May 1995.

Aimee Leach (RVN) Head Nurse

Aimee joined Cogges in October 2011.

Kerry Warrington (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Kerry joined Cogges in October 2002.

Lauren Jobson (RVN) Deputy Head Nurse

Lauren joined Cogges in July 2011.

Samantha Cooper (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Samantha has been with Cogges since November 2008.

Cathie Pedge (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Cathie joined Cogges in August 2013.

Jess Thomson, Veterinary Nurse

Jess has been with Cogges since July 2017.

Zoe Harris (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Zoe joined Cogges in August 2018.

Kate O’Mahony (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Kate has been with Cogges since July 2018.

Sarah Allen (RVN) Veterinary Nurse

Sarah joined Cogges in April 2019.

Molly Hanrahan, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Molly joined Cogges in September 2018.