Articles on ‘Pet Of The Month’

June Pet Of The Month 2019

21 June 2019

Indie is a 6 year old cross-breed dog. She came to see Karen in December 2017 because she was having difficulty getting up and down. Karen couldn’t find any abnormalities apart from the fact that Indie had gained about 6kg over the past year, which made her very overweight. Indie was referred to our nurse-led

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May Pet Of The Month

14 May 2019

Norman is a 4 year old Pug who is generally fit and well. Last month he started vomiting, went off his food and became quiet and uncomfortable. His presentation and preliminary tests were suggestive of pancreatitis and he initially responded well to the pain relief and bland diet we use to treat this condition. A

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March Pet Of The Month 2019

27 March 2019

Littly is a 14 year old cat; when he was a youngster he was hit by a car and needed major surgery on one of his hind legs, but since then he has remained fit and well. When he came to Cogges for his booster vaccination in 2017 his owner mentioned that he had been

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February Pet Of The Month 2019

8 February 2019

Milo is a 6 year old cat who was brought to Cogges a few months ago with very swollen eyelids that made it impossible to examine his eye. He was given medication and once the swelling had resolved, he was sedated for a thorough examination. We found Milo had a deep ulcer in his eye,

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December Pet Of The Year!

7 December 2018

Our Pet of the Month feature is an opportunity for us to share an interesting case we have treated recently at Cogges. Every so often we see a patient with lots of long term issues and they and their owner really touch our hearts, so they become Pet of the Year. Pet of the Year

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November Pet Of The Month

23 November 2018

  Ernie is a 5 year old cat who came home after being missing for 24hrs in a lot of pain and unable to move his left hind leg. He was taken to the out of hours vet in Woodstock where he was given pain relief and sedated for an x-ray of his injured leg.

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October Pet Of The Month

9 October 2018

Dali is a 5 year old cat who was admitted this week after eating a lily leaf and getting lily pollen all over her face. The Lilium species – Asiatic, Japanese, tiger lily, stargazer and Western lilies are all toxic to cats. All parts cause damage to the kidney cells with a high mortality rate

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August Pet Of The Month 2018

15 August 2018

Blossom is an 18 month old cat who went out one night last month and did not return.  Her owner found her the next day, unable to walk.  We found Blossom was unable to move her hind limbs, and had maggot-covered wounds on her legs and rear end.  She was given pain relief then anaesthetised

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July Pet Of The Month

19 July 2018

Pets of the month for July are Molly and Jed who are two of the six dogs who have visited Cogges just this week because of grass seeds. Grass seeds are very common at this time of year. The sticky surface and pointed tip make it easy for them to attach to dog’s fur and

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June Pet Of The Month

22 June 2018

One year ago a tabby and white cat came to Cogges. His owners had moved away and left him behind; their neighbours brought him here because they were worried about him. He was obviously elderly, in poor condition because he had survived by raiding bins, and very grumpy. Because of his dislike of being handled

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