August Pet Of The Month 2018

15 August 2018

Blossom is an 18 month old cat who went out one night last month and did not return.  Her owner found her the next day, unable to walk.  We found Blossom was unable to move her hind limbs, and had maggot-covered wounds on her legs and rear end.  She was given pain relief then anaesthetised so the maggots could be removed, and x-rays taken.  The x-rays confirmed our suspicion that Blossom had a broken pelvis.

 The following day orthopaedic specialist Hannes Bergmann visited to assess Blossom.  He felt that as she had reflexes in her hind limbs and tail, surgery was likely to be beneficial.  Blossom was anaesthetised and her pelvic fractures repaired using two pins.

 Blossom stayed at Cogges for a further 12 days, for pain relief, cleaning of her wounds and monitoring of her mobility, urination and defecation, and the anaemia she had developed after her injuries.  She was a very obliging patient who tolerated her procedures and medication well.   She made a good recovery and was discharged for 4 weeks of cage rest with ongoing pain relief and cream for her wounds.  She is currently making very good progress.