Botswana Blog

29 November 2013

They’re back!
Doris & Lauren have returned safely from their trip to Botswana, and they’re both looking well – and a little bit older, as both celebrated a birthday during this trip..
Now that we don’t have to worry about wonky internet connections we can finally hear their stories. As a preview, here are some comments from Doris as well as some photos they took- more will follow next week. Click on a picture to zoom in.

A short summary from Doris:
“During the mornings we operated in the clinic but we did 2 days in Sehithwa, village about 100km southwest of Maun. We treated sick dogs and vaccinated dogs in afternoon, going to peoples’ homes. Sometimes our car was stopped by people needing help with their sick pets.
In total we did 41 bitch spays, 37 dog castrates, 2 cat spays. As mentioned before, there were a lot of dogs with distemper – therefore vaccinating as many as possible was really important.
Two calves on the photo are being raised by Mervyn (who financed the setting up of the charity about 13 years ago) and on whose land the clinic is located. We occasionally helped with feeding – the brown male calf is called Milkshake, while the light female is called Vanilla.
One of the photos is of K.C., who works as a nurse – you can see Lauren in the background. On the other picture you can see Max, K.C. and Nation, people we worked with.”