Christmas Pet Of The Month

19 December 2016

As you may remember from previous years, Karen has a long friendship with none other than Santa.  Because of the distance involved, he’s obviously not a regular client, but he does call on our services from time to time…


From: Santa Claus <>

To: Cogges Vets <>

Hello Karen,

Hope you, Harry, Casey and Brian and all the team at Cogges Vets are well. I wondered if you would be able to do me a big favour.  I have a couple of new reindeer on the team and unfortunately one of them is causing me a spot of bother.  Randolph is an excellent flier and very steady with the sleigh, but we’re having some trouble when it comes to the deliveries.  He will keep cocking his leg on people’s chimneys!  Apart from the embarrassment of leaving a trail of yellow snow on the rooftops, he’s soaked me a couple of times while I’ve been on my way up or down a chimney on our training runs.  Mrs Claus is getting very grumpy about all the extra red coat washing!  Is there anything you can do? I’ll be passing through Witney next week on my way to the Toy Shop (don’t tell anyone but the elves just can’t keep up with making all the toys that I need to deliver!), if you’re able to take a look at him.

Best regards,



From:  Cogges Vets <>

To: Santa Claus <>

 Morning Santa,

We’re all well thank you.  I hope your preparations are under control.We should certainly take a look at Randolph, that sort of thing won’t be any good for your reputation or your insurance premiums!  Presuming he’s a young male reindeer, it may be time to get him castrated.  We used to think castration was a cure-all for lots of behavioural problems but we now know that’s not the case.  However, for some dogs (and reindeer!) all the house-training doesn’t seem to sink in properly until we get rid of some of the hormonal drive for territory marking.

We should probably pencil his surgery in for next week so he’s got time to rest up for a fortnight before you start the final training runs.

See you soon,


A few weeks ago, Vet Karen and Head Nurse Lisa came in to work very early in the morning to meet this extra special patient.  After an examining Randolph and having a chat with Santa about Randolph’s history, Karen decided that castration was going to be the best course of action.  Randolph was admitted for his operation and made a good recovery.

 He spent the night on Karen’s sofa before Santa collected him and flew him back to the North Pole (in the sleigh for once, instead of pulling it).  He reports that Randolph has made an excellent recovery and will be resuming his training shortly. 

 If you hear the jingle of bells in the skies on Christmas Eve, you might just see one of Cogges Vets’ more unusual patients helping Santa deliver the presents!