Christmas Pet Of The Month

17 December 2015

A few weeks ago a cold, hungry, stray kitten was handed in to us.  With no collar or microchip, we had no way of contacting his owner, if he even had an owner.  We advertised him on our Facebook page, you might have seen him, but couldn’t track down where he had come from.  He was bright and lively, but his right eye looked abnormal.  Vet Doris has a special interest in ophthalmology and she checked him over.  The third eyelid was less mobile than it should be and the eye itself looked smaller than his left eye, so she suspects he can’t see much on that side.  This could be a congenital abnormality (from birth) or it could be the result of an infection when he was very young.

Monkey in his Christmas jumper

We nicknamed him Monkey and he soon settled into his temporary accommodation upstairs at Cogges Vets, stealing our lunches and keeping the staff dogs in line!  We asked a few of our clients if they might be interested in taking him on, but we were very fussy who we asked as there seemed to be something a bit special about Monkey.

We can now tell you that there is definitely something special about him.  Last week, Karen received a letter from Santa!  (They have known each other for a very, very long time!)  The letter had been sent a few days before Monkey came to us, but it must have been lost in the post.

Santa’s Grotto
North Pole.

Dear Karen,

I hope you, Harry, Casey and Brian and all the team at Cogges are well.  I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, it’s been a busy autumn getting all the toys ready for Christmas and making sure we’re safe to fly on Christmas Eve. After your great kindness looking after Dasher a couple of years ago I wondered if you could do me a favour – this patient is more your usual size!  Some of my elves will be in your area next week and I’ve asked them to drop this cat off at Cogges Vets.  He was supposed to be working in our mailroom, but I don’t think his eyesight is very good, he keeps muddling up the letters.  Sorry for not bringing him myself, but the new tax on sleigh bells means I’ve had to cut my travel budget.  Let me known what you think of him.

Kind regards,


PS Enclosed is Blitzen’s new passport photo, please could you sign the back to verify it’s a good likeness and return it.  Many thanks!

We think Monkey must have slipped away from the elves while they were busy, and got lost.  He was only handed in to us by chance.Karen had a long chat with Santa on the phone, and they agreed that Monkey’s eye makes him unsuitable for a career as a mail-room cat.  He is now living in Witney with one of our long-term clients.

His last job at Cogges Vets was to send Santa all our Christmas wishlists – we hope he hasn’t got them muddled up!

Merry Christmas Monkey!