Dahab Dairy

27 January 2014

We have just finished our first day here in Dahab, and we’ve been busy! We neutered 5 dogs and 7 cats today, and worked almost non-stop for the entire day. At least the sun was shining outside, and apparently it was really quite warm…
The anaesthetics take some getting used to, as we lack the luxury of an anaesthetic machine and work only with injectables. But we are getting the hang of it.
The ‘clinic’ where we work (see photo) is an empty house that has been specially prepared for us by AWD.
This evening we are having dinner at an AWD member’s restaurant on the sea front, during which we’ll debrief as well.
The rescue helpers are amazingly helpful and organized. They do all the trapping and returning of the animals. As you can see, there is a board that shows how they have organised our daily schedule. A great team!
The girl in the picture with me is a student who lives in Dahab and who asked if she could watch.

The fab photos were taken by Chris Knight.

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