Dahab Diary

6 February 2014

Yesterday morning was used for consultations- but we began by checking up on the Ralph’s Bakery cat who underwent a triple operation yesterday: leg amputation, hernia removal and spay.  It was fantastic to see her doing so well – she was very lively and keen to learn to walk on 3 legs. Generally, both cats and dogs cope amazingly well with the loss of a limb – they just get on with it.

We saw a total of 17 animals. Some cases were fairly simple, like Nienke’s mysteriously vomiting cat, where the problem turned out to be a hairball.
Others where more complex, like Bobby, a dog who was almost incapable of walking. After a full reflex and spinal check, we diagnosed a long-standing neck injury which affects most of his body. To fix this problem would have been very complex and expensive, even at home. Bobby seems quite happy, so he was given anti-inflammatory pills to help ease the problem. Little else can be done.

In addition to the above, we did another male and female cat neuter, while we have scheduled the removal of a mass for tomorrow.

The total ops is now an impressive 111.

A local photographer brought his 3 cats in for their bloods prior to moving back to the UK. This provided a good chance to demonstrate to Amira some slightly easier methods of taking blood from cats, in whom veins can be hard to find.

We had the afternoon off. Karen and Lisa explore Bannerfish Bay (snorkeling), while Chris was offered a chance to try sidemount diving with Adam Andrews. We all saw a huge variety of sea-life.

Last night Adam and Marlies hosted a fabulous barbeque for all of the AWD/TNR team – excellent food and company.

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