Dahab Diary

28 January 2014

Day 2, and Karen and Lisa have been busy. They performed 4 bitch spays, 3 dog castrates, 3 cat spays, and 4 cat castrates.

So how do these cats and dogs find their way to the clinic?
After all, when we want to neuter some dogs in Witney, we simply text selected dogs and the next morning…. well, see for yourself.

Patiently waiting in front of the surgery

In Dahab, most dogs don’t own a mobile phone. In fact, most of them don’t even own an owner. So we have to rely on a different way of communicating, to which the local dogs react with unbridled enthusiasm:Day 2 5

Here’s the real story of the “T” in the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programme.

Our intrepid photographer, Chris, went along with the Catching Team led by volunteers Marlies and Reuben.

Initially they went to look for two particular dogs in the bay area, but they were spotted and both dogs quickly disappeared. The next name on the list was Jimi, who lives in the area around Ibrahim’s textiles shop, a short walk from the shore. Ibrahim has spent months getting to know Jimi, and with some success, as he has recently persuaded Jimi to come inside.

Chris: ” We knew that Jimi would need to be subdued so Reuben came armed with the sedative syringe.  Despite his best efforts, he managed only a half-dose before Jimi escaped.  The team waited for the dose to take effect, following Jimi to the land behind Ibrahim’s shop.”

Jimi put up quite a fight, but eventually Reuben managed to administer a full dose, and assisted by Ibrahim, managed to carry him to the pick-up. Once at the clinic Jimi needed another dose of sedative to calm him completely.

The operation went smoothly and Jimi is now back safely with Ibrahim for the night.