Dahab Diary

29 January 2014

Another long day, and we’re getting into a routine. We did 2 bitch spays, 5 dog castrations, 6 cat spays and 2 cat castrations.

Local vet Amira came to see us in action and was joined by newly qualified Amal, who has yet to practice. We showed them a new technique for spaying, and taught them how to intubate.
Amal learned how to administer intravenous and intra-muscular injections, how to insert a microchip, and she is learning suture techniques.

So how (I hear you ask) do we keep track of what/who we’ve done?
We keep a log of all the animals we treat. After treatment the animals are microchipped, and we’d like to thank Bayer for donating the identichips. In addition, in order to readily identify treated animals (and prevent needless trapping), we make a small tattoo on the ears of dogs. Cats are ‘ear-tipped’.

Remember Jimi, the strong-willed dog we treated yesterday?
Well, he was delivered safe and well to Ibrahim’s shop and slept most of the night due to the double dose of sedatives we were obliged to administer. Jimi sleeps outside and is generally too scared to enter a house, but last night Ibrahim dragged his own mattress outside in order to be close to Jimi, and be there to comfort him when he woke up.