Dahab Diary

30 January 2014

After three days of operating, today was a little different, as we focused on education.

After an early morning swim/snorkel at Eel Garden, we made our way to the clinic where a  workshop for local animal lovers and professionals had been arranged. It was well attended with the modest clinic building packed with interested and interesting people, including former World Champion & World Record holding freediver and local coach Sara Campbell (

We began with a Q&A session, during which Karen and Lisa explained first actions in case of poisoning, as well as aftercare, and a range of pet first aid skills. They then answered questions on a range of local animal care issues.

The second half of the day was a practical session during which Karen and Lisa offered guidance on a range of techniques from suturing and catheterisation to self-help.In Dahab, where local veterinary care is sparse, these simple techniques could save a pet’s life.

Everyone enjoyed a chance to try their hand, though most attendees hope they will never have to use their new-found skills.

Please keep checking the AWD facebook for their updates and photos.