Dahab Diary

31 January 2014

Day 5, and it was a busy morning with plenty of dogs and cats brought in by the catching team and other locals. At times the recovery yard was bulging at the seams.  During the afternoon we had an influx of puppies to treat, and just when we thought our day’s work was done, the team found another 5 cats. Out of those, 4 were female, so required the more lengthy spay than the remaining male castrate.

We’re beginning to notice the contrast between the aftercare provided for domestic pets and the lack of such care for the street dogs – they have to be left mostly to their own devices, which allows them to lick, scratch and even eat their own wounds once they are out of sight of human care.

This was our busiest day thus far. We did 3 bitch spays, 5 dog castrates, 9 cat spays and 6 cat castrates. In addition, we did a tooth extraction, treated a tail wound and, extra points for this, treated a Bedouin boy’s finger.

It was our aim to do about 100 animals, and now, still in our first week, we are on 64.  We’re trying to find ways of restocking the clinic with the materials that we’ll need in order to continue beyond our target.

Today we were joined by the local government vet, who will be with us for a few days to observe the project and our work – we hope that he sees some good effects during his time here.

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