Dahab Diary

2 February 2014

After a frantic day 5, we did a total of 25 ops during the last two days, covering the full range of dog and cat spays and castrates.

Friday was designated to help Janet, who runs Janet’s Wadi, “Support the Street Dogs of Daha”. She keeps about 150 dogs in a wadi just outside of town and came in to see us with some of her dogs for us to spay or castrate. For the most part, her dogs live a fairly wild existence. They arrived at the clinic heavily tick-borne. We noticed that for some reason their internal organs were heavily inflamed, maybe the result of the tick infestation.

On Saturday we treated quite a few animals that included some of those who had evaded capture previously. Included was ‘Big Tits’ from the Lighthouse area, who has recently adopted a litter of puppies. It is believed that she does this to relieve her milk burden, which will help her prevent infection.

Chris and Maya went to explore Wadi Gnai, once the home of many wild dogs. The lack of dogs is the result of a poisoning campaign, a campaign we are trying to make superfluous with this TNR project.

Tomorrow is our only rest day. We have been invited on a desert safari to see the mountains and wadis of Sinai.