Dahab Diary

4 February 2014

After a long first week during which we did 89 ops, Sunday was our first free day, which we used to explore the area. We were taken on a desert safari, organized by volunteers from AWD, so that we could some impression of the Sinai countryside.
We were picked up early in the morning and headed to the desert to meet our driver Salem and guide Mohamed. The bumpy tour gave us the opportunity to see best of both desert and mountains.

Monday saw a return to the routine of operating, during which we passed the target of 100 operations. The day went smoothly with the catching team out early and bringing in a steady stream of dogs and cats.
It was good to have Amira with us again. This time she learned new spaying and blood-taking techniques which she’ll put to use in her own practice.
Amal was also back. She has been practicing her suturing and completed more than 100 stitches (on fabric) over the weekend. Tomorrow she’ll observe how to tie a ligature.

We did  3 dog castrates, 4 dog spays, 2 cat castrates, 3 cat spays, a tooth extraction and finally the re-suturing of a cat who had licked its stitches apart.

In the evening we went to see Amira in her practice – she starts work at 20:30 and stays open for as long as is required. She showed us how she goes about being a vet in Egypt, and explained many of the difficulties that she faces, including the lack of an efficient system for obtaining supplies and drugs, and how recent events in the country have affected business.

Dahab is a really friendly town and the people could not be more accommodating. Having Maya with us helps a lot, she wins hearts wherever she goes.