Dahab Diary

5 February 2014

Tally for the day: 4 dog spays, 1 dog castrate and 3 cat spays.

In addition, we did a cat hernia repair, and then performed a leg amputation on a cat – on the same cat. The amputee cat lives around Ralph’s German Bakery, a very popular café and bakery.  Many customers had requested that AWD help the cat who has clearly suffered, for months, with a lame leg. The Cogges team are ill-equipped to perform an amputation, their focus being on neutering.  Time for some innovation, and a sterilised set of nail clippers proved more than adequate.  Undoubtedly the three-legged cat will receive lots of sympathy and pastry at Ralph’s.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was seeing a male dog, who’d just been castrated, jump the wall of our compound (see picture) in a doomed attempt to mate with a German Shepherd bitch in season. The bitch belongs to Katerina, one of the AWD volunteers, who has been making us some beautiful Russian lunches.

Supplies are running low, which limits how much we can do. We do receive some supplies occasionally, but this restricts us to working on an op-by-op basis to see what we can do. Fingers crossed that the AWD team come good, as they have so far.

Tomorrow is an open consultation morning. We expect every ailment possible, although in most cases we may not be able to help a lot, as our range of equipment really only covers neutering. Still, we hope to be able to offer advice and some practical help that will improve the lives of the local pets.