December Pet Of The Year!

7 December 2018

Our Pet of the Month feature is an opportunity for us to share an interesting case we have treated recently at Cogges. Every so often we see a patient with lots of long term issues and they and their owner really touch our hearts, so they become Pet of the Year.

Pet of the Year 2018 is Harry, is a 16 year old terrier who has been a regular visitor to Cogges Vets since his owners adopted him from the Blue Cross in 2009. You may have seen him in the waiting room, he’s small, black (getting more grey as the years pass) and is a slightly nervous fellow so often sits under the chair or on his owners lap.

Soon after he started coming to us, the vets noticed that he had a low, irregular heart rate. The normal heart rate for a dog of his size is around 100-120 beats per minute. When Harry’s rate dropped to around 30 beats per minute he started to have episodes of weakness so we referred him to a cardiology specialist. In 2011 Harry was fitted with a pacemaker, a device under the skin of his neck that helps his heart to beat at an appropriate rate whether he is resting or exercising. He goes back to the cardiologist for regular check ups but the device has worked very well for the past 7 years.

As well as his heart problem, Harry was visiting us regularly with sore skin and ears. We determined that he has several allergies and in 2013 he started immunotherapy to manage these. This means that Harry comes in every month for an injection of a small dose of the allergen to desensitise his body, a procedure he tolerates well.

As the years have passed Harry has also developed a few age related issues. He is on medication for incontinence, arthritic hips, and has recently started supportive treatment for senility.

Despite his many health problems and nervous nature, Harry has always been a charming little patient during his visits to Cogges. We wish Harry and his owners, and all our patients and clients, a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.