February Pet Of The Month 2019

8 February 2019

Milo is a 6 year old cat who was brought to Cogges a few months ago with very swollen eyelids that made it impossible to examine his eye. He was given medication and once the swelling had resolved, he was sedated for a thorough examination.

We found Milo had a deep ulcer in his eye, right through the cornea (most superficial layer of the eyeball) causing a leakage of fluid from the chamber at the front of the eye. There was inflammation and infection of the structures within the eye too, so there was a serious amount of damage.

Vet Doris, who has a certificate in ophthalmology, knew that if the ulcer could not be closed with a graft, Milo would need to have his eye removed. Milo was anaesthetised for surgery. Doris took a section of the conjunctiva (the mucous membrane lining the eye socket) and sutured it to the surface of the eye, over the ulcer. This is very delicate surgery that requires Doris to wear a magnifying headset called a loupe, so she can use the finest suture material.

Milo recovered well from his surgery. He was given pain relief, antibiotics and eye drops and Doris re-checked his eye every 2-3 days. Within 2-3 weeks the ulcer had resolved, the sutures were dissolving and his eye was open fully. Six weeks later he had a menace response in both eyes indicating a reasonable degree of vision.

He has now fully recovered from his surgery, his owner is delighted that he is back to all the activities he enjoyed before his injury. Doris’s surgical skill has undoubtedly saved his eye.