June Pet Of The Month

14 June 2017

Tilly is a 9 year old tortoiseshell (very pretty) cat, who was rehomed from the Blue Cross 6 years ago. A year after being adopted she became very poorly, and blood and urine tests showed she had advanced kidney failure. She was referred for further tests, which showed she also had a heart condition known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Things weren’t looking good for Tilly and she was given a guarded prognosis for recovery. She was put onto a special diet for her kidneys and given heart medication. Within a couple of weeks Tilly was responding very well to her medication; she was bright and putting weight back on. A few months later blood tests showed an amazing improvement! Within a year her blood levels were back to normal. She was responding incredibly well to her treatment; this little cat was a fighter.
Last year Tilly had some dental problems; she had a build up of tartar on her teeth and had gum disease. This not only causes mouth pain, but it may also allow bacteria into the bloodstream which can then cause further problems in the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. Dental procedures require an anaesthetic, which for Tilly was a risk. Her owners agreed that we should go ahead as Tilly was in discomfort, and after many checks, Tilly had her dental. Three badly affected teeth had to be removed, and the rest thoroughly cleaned. The remarkable Tilly coped well with the anaesthetic and she was able to go home the same day. Her mouth healed within a few days and a week later she was catching wildlife again!
Tilly was last seen for her yearly health check and booster a few weeks ago. Her blood test was normal, her urine test was normal, and her blood pressure was normal.
Tilly will continue with her regular check ups so that we can make sure she stays stable and well. She still eats her special diet and takes her heart medication, but it does not affect her having a great life.
She is a remarkable cat!