March Pet Of The Month 2018

20 March 2018

Asti and Dolly are two Labrador Retrievers who were rescued from Romania in January last year. Both dogs were very overweight due to being in kennels with little exercise and were on a  poor quality diet.

Asti was particularly overweight, weighing in at a hefty 40kg. The average weight for a female Labrador is between 22 and 30kg! Dolly weighed in at 34kg so she needed to slim her waistline down too.

Their owner started them on a strict exercise regime which included hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is very good for overweight dogs as their weight is supported by the water. The more weight they lost the more energy they had which meant their exercise could gradually increase. To help the girls get to their target weights they were put onto a prescription diet called Metabolic which is a low calorie diet that is a slow release energy food which helps pets feel fuller for longer.Thanks to Asti and Dolly’s new owners care and determination, these two lovely Labradors face a healthier and longer life. As of February 2018 Dolly weighs in at 30.06kg and Asti weighs in at 29.05kg.


 If your pet is overweight it can have severe consequences for their health. Animals that are overweight are more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and breathing difficulties.

Here at Cogges we offer free weight clinics with one of our qualified nurses. If you would like to book an appointment telephone the practice, or if you just require a little advice we are always happy to help.