November Pet Of The Month

26 November 2019

Reg is a one year old lurcher who was found earlier this year, tied to a gate in the woods. He was frightened and underweight but otherwise unharmed. He was fostered by one of our nurses while we tried to trace his owner but this proved impossible, so Reg now belongs to Nurse Aimee.
He has always been very anxious, particularly around children, and he has understandably struggled with being left on his own. He isn’t particularly interested in food, which makes training him somewhat tricky. Once he was settled at her house, Aimee spoke to Vet Sarah about options for medication to help with Reg’s anxiety. The first treatment made him very sedated so was not appropriate, but the next medication has been successful. The anti anxiety medication is used in conjunction with a calming food supplement and lots of training and gentle habituation to new situations. Aimee has also used a soundtrack to help Reg overcome his fear of loud noises.
Reg now loves other dogs and is much more confident around people. He is more relaxed about being left on his own.
It’s possible that Reg may not need any additional medication to help him through the firework season, but we have several options that we can use if he is showing signs of anxiety.
If your dog is afraid of fireworks, please contact us for to discuss the options. We may need to arrange an appointment if we haven’t seen him or her recently.
Other things which can be useful during fireworks season are to offer your dog a safe cosy den with familiar toys, shutting the curtains early to block out flashes of light, turning up the volume of the TV or radio to muffle the sound. Take your dog out for a long walk earlier in the day, but make sure he or she has an identity tag in case of escaping if startled.