November Pet Of The Month

23 November 2018


Ernie is a 5 year old cat who came home after being missing for 24hrs in a lot of pain and unable to move his left hind leg. He was taken to the out of hours vet in Woodstock where he was given pain relief and sedated for an x-ray of his injured leg. The x-rays showed fractures of both tibia and fibula. His injuries were quite extensive. After a night of pain relief and rest Ernie was transferred to Cogges for his ongoing treatment.

 Surgical repair of this sort of complex fracture would require a specialist orthopaedic surgeon to carry out the procedure. With extensive injuries such as the ones that Ernie had amputating the limb is another treatment option. Amputation sounds drastic but it’s a much more common operation than you may think. Although it involves major surgery, cats cope incredibly well on three legs once they’ve had time to readapt.

 After talking through Ernie’s options, his owners decided on amputation of his damaged leg.

Ernie’s broken leg was amputated under general anaesthetic and he was able to go home the next day as he was doing so well. Ernie’s owner cared for him at home and brought him back every couple of days initially so that we could monitor his recovery.

 Ernie has coped very well following his surgery and is still a happy and active cat, his owner has nicknamed him the Ginger Ninja!