October Pet Of The Month

22 October 2019

Daisy is a 3-year-old cat who came home one day in June with a prolapsed eye. Her owners brought her straight to Cogges Vets where she was checked for other injuries, then anaesthetised to have the eye put back in its socket, and the eyelid sutured on one side to hold it in place. We presume that she had been hit by a car. She was given antibiotics, pain relief and eye drops and within a day or two was able to go home.

At her first post op check her eye was intact but ulcerated, painful and showed no response to light or movement. At subsequent checks Daisy was brighter and the eye less painful, but there was still no sign that she could see through it. We want our patients to have comfortable eyes, and ideally to have vision in them but this is not the priority.

Unfortunately, at Daisy’s next check in August, vet Doris found that her eye was deteriorating. There was corneal oedema, the eye was a lower pressure than it should have been and the structures within the eye were distorted. This could be a sign of a tumour called Feline Post Traumatic Ocular Sarcoma, so Doris advised that the eye be removed.

Daisy’s eye was enucleated under general anaesthetic and send to a specialist laboratory for analysis. Fortunately, it showed no sign of tumour development. Daisy has made a good recovery from surgery and her owners are very pleased with her treatment.