October Pet Of The Month

13 October 2017

In August we saw Absinthe, a lovely 3 year old female cat. Her owner noticed that her appetite was steadily decreasing. Absinthe had become lethargic, a little subdued and her owner was concerned that Absinthe may have lost a little bit of weight.
Absinthe was given a full examination. Absinthe was showing signs of dehydration, her membranes looked jaundiced and on palpation her liver felt enlarged.
We admitted Absinthe to the hospital for supportive fluid therapy to re-hydrate her and to run diagnostics tests. Unfortunately her blood results showed significantly elevated liver enzymes which indicated that Absinthe was suffering from liver disease. An ultrasound scan of her liver showed an abnormal pattern of the liver tissue possibly fibrosis. Thankfully it did not reveal any masses on her liver and the diagnostics indicated that this was a primary liver problem, possibly due to an infection.
Absinthe was given medication which helped support her liver function as well as fluid therapy and intensive nursing. Due to her illness, Absinthe lost her appetite and was very reluctant to eat. We placed a feeding tube through her nose (naso-oesophageal feeding tube) which we were able to do with Absinthe conscious using a little local anaesthetic. It isn’t a painful procedure and Absinthe was a star patient.
Absinthe’s owner visited her every day for a cuddle.
Over the course of a week, Absinthe made a great recovery, she was beginning to regain her appetite, her jaundice was lessening and we were happy to discharge her home to her very dedicated owner. She continued to make great progress and her weight was picking up steadily as her appetite returned.
We checked her blood liver enzymes two weeks later and her liver had fully recovered! She was no longer jaundiced and her owner reported that she was back to her normal happy and playful self.