Pet Of The Month – May

9 May 2016

At the end of February a member of the public brought in a cold, hunched, bedraggled dog who was barely able to stand. He had been found in a field but had no collar or microchip, and had not been reported missing.  He was an adult dog, and looked as though he had Poodle somewhere in his parentage. We admitted him and started to make him more comfortable.

An x-ray of his abdomen showed that he had a fracture in his os penis, which is a bone within the penis (many mammalian species have one). This meant that he could not urinate and would probably have resulted from some sort of trauma, possibly a kick.  We passed a urinary catheter and drained approximately 1L of bloody urine from his bladder. We started him on intravenous fluids to rehydrate him, and warmed him up.

After some debate among the Cogges staff, the stray dog became known as Trevor. He had a radical haircut to remove his matted and dirty coat, and was soon much brighter, although he was still leaking large amounts of bloody urine.

Trevor, on the mend

Trevor, on the mend

Unfortunately three weeks later Trevor’s bladder became blocked again due to a stricture in his urethra.  Vet, Nazim, performed surgery to re-route Trevor’s urethra from his penis to his scrotum, and castrated him at the same time.  Trevor made a good recovery from surgery and has healed up well.  He still drinks a lot and needs to urinate frequently, and sometimes leaks urine in his sleep.  We think this may have been an underlying problem though, rather than a consequence of his surgery.

Urethrostomy - new opening for passing urine

Urethrostomy – new opening for passing urine

Trevor now lives with nurse Joel, and has settled in well with his two other dogs.  He comes to work everyday with Joel and stays upstairs with the other staff dogs.   He is a real sweetie and is always looking for cuddles from Kerry and Jess in the office; they don’t mind a bit and are happy to oblige!!

Trevor with his new family

Trevor with his new family