Pet Of The Month – February 2015

11 February 2015


Vinnie - 4 month old

Vinnie is a lovely Boxer puppy, only 4 months old when we first saw him, and weighing 10 kilograms. He was brought to us in December with a very sore right foot after having played with his owners the day before.

On closer examination we found that Vinnie’s foot was pointing at an awkward angle. This was a concern as his bones were still not fully formed. We were afraid he might have fractured the bones in his foot.

An x-ray confirmed our suspicions. He had fractured all 4 bones in the metacarpus (equivalent to the palm of our hand).

The radiograph of Vinnie's foot showing the four metacarpal bones fractured

The radiograph of Vinnie’s foot showing the four metacarpal bones fractured

With the owner’s permission we decided to repair the fractured bones in his foot. We opted to do an internal fixation (inside the bone) with pins.

5 weeks of boredom and being good!

It would take 5 weeks to fully heal. Asking a young puppy to keep still and rest is a very difficult proposition! But Vinnie came through with flying colours. He was a star patient. He was assigned a puppy cage in which he was kept for most of the time to stop him from using the leg while it healed. He must have been so bored! He was allowed out of his cage for short periods, and was fussed over by his owners

 A star patient

While he was with us he would actually offer his paw for us to change his dressing.

X-ray at three weeks

X-ray at 3 weeks

3 weeks later, after many bandage changes, he had his next post-operative x-ray. This showed good healing and it was time to let Vinnie use the leg without the dressing. He was still not given the all -clear and was restricted to his cage for another 2 weeks.

Finally at 5 weeks

5 weeks

After 5 weeks Vinnie was finally allowed outside his cage. He is now a happy boy getting on with being a puppy again. The leg is fully healed. There was only one minor complication which required one of the pins to be removed. His recovery, on the whole, was fairly uneventful, thanks to his lovely nature.


The star patient!