Pet Of The Month – July 2015

15 July 2015

One morning Mindy went out for her usual stroll around the neighbourhood but when she returned her owners noticed something wasn’t quite right.  She was squinting and there was a little bit of green discharge around one eye.

Mindy’s owners were, quite rightly, concerned enough to bring her in to us the same day.  When we examined Mindy we could see something was stuck into her cornea (the membrane covering the front of the eye).  It was towards the top of the eye so wasn’t visible when Mindy was just looking around but required a more detailed examination to spot it.  Luckily for Mindy the object was stuck within the cornea itself and hadn’t penetrated through into the eye.

Mindy had to have an anaesthetic as it is a very delicate procedure to remove something from the cornea as the cornea itself is only 0.7mm thick and a wrong move could rupture the eye!  We gently extracted the object which turned out to be a piece of wood.

image1 wood from cat's eyeweb

Mindy won’t tell us how she managed such an injury but it does show the importance of getting all eye problems checked out quickly.  Left to its own devices that piece of wood would likely have punctured her eye and Mindy could have lost her sight, but, due to her owner’s timely intervention, she’s healed up nicely and is as good as new!image1Mindy POTM JULY web