Pet Of The Month – November 14

6 November 2014

Several months ago, a timid little kitten with a fractured back leg, was found in Henley and brought in to us by Sunshine Cat Rescue. She was only about 9 weeks old and was extremely frightened and scared. Having been exposed to the elements with a broken leg, she had to be admitted and stabilised before the extent of her injuries could be assessed.Once stabilised she was radiographed. X-rays showed that her left thigh bone was fractured.

Radiograph of fractured thigh bone

The fracture was repaired with a pin. This particular method of repair was used as it has little effect on the growth of the bone, and can be removed once the bone has healed.

Radiograph of fracture after surgery

Radiograph of fracture after surgery

Three weeks after surgery, the fracture was healing well and the kitten started using the leg as though there was nothing wrong with it. A further two weeks of rest and careful nursing was needed before the bone was fully healed and we were able to remove the pin.

Radiograph of the fracture at 5 weeks, fully healed and the pin removed

Radiograph of the fracture at 5 weeks, fully healed and the pin removed

All the staff at Cogges became very fond of the little kitten and our manager named her Amber because of her beautifully coloured eyes. The vets and nurses spent lots of time with Amber socialising her with people, dogs and other cats too. She gradually came out of her shell and became a playful and loving kitten.

Although we were sad to say goodbye to Amber, we were very pleased to see her settle into a new and loving home.