Pet Of The Month – October 14

9 October 2014

October’s Pet of the Month is Lily, a fun loving cat, just over a year old with a beautiful silver grey tabby coat. She has a lovely nature and is, according to her owner, a keen hunter.

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Lily came to see us in early August with vague signs of being off her food and occasional vomiting. She was otherwise bright and lively. On closer examination, we ruled out the more common causes of vomiting and regurgitation. This left us with a bit of a conundrum!

Because Lily is so young, we thought her recurrent vomiting may be due to something that she had eaten. But Lily’s problems were much more serious. To our surprise when we took x-rays, we found a huge mass that occupied her chest cavity and exerted pressure on the food pipe, causing her to vomit.

lily before

The x-ray reveals that her chest cavity is filled with a mass that pushes her lungs into the upper right side.

Biopsy samples were taken from the mass and it was diagnosed as Small Cell Lymphoma, a type of cancer of the immune system. It is very unusual for a cat of Lily’s age to have lymphoma.

Lily is currently undergoing chemotherapy and seems to be responding well to the treatment. She is on a 24 week protocol and she comes in once a week for her treatment. She is now almost half way through her course of treatment. We hope she continues to respond well.

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