Pet Of The Year – 2014

15 December 2014

rosiephoto 4

This is Rosie, a lovely 13 year old Labrador Retriever that we feel is a bit of a star.When you read her story you will see why we’ve made her our Pet of the Year.

Rosie has been under our care since she was 8 weeks old when she visited us for her vaccinations, a very cute, playful and gentle pup.Rosie suffered with ear inflammation and infection in the first few months of her life which unfortunately was just the start of her health problems. By 15 months old she had already undergone surgery on her ears; and a more generalised skin allergy developed resulting in the need for immunotherapy and daily medication.

Her tail kept on wagging! She was becoming a regular visitor, but was still happy to see us.

At 4 years old, Rosie was diagnosed with mild arthritis; joint supplements and pain relief medication were prescribed. Rosie’s owner has always been keen to do whatever she can for Rosie and so she started taking her for hydrotherapy on our recommendation. Hydrotherapy helps improve Rosie’s mobility, and being a Labrador, she loves swimming.

Rosiephoto 1

Rosie at one of her hydrotherapy sessions.

As if she did not have enough to deal with already, Rosie started having seizures age 7, and idiopathic epilepsy was diagnosed…more medication and check ups needed. Despite all her ailments, Rosie remains a happy girl, who is a perfect patient, always very cooperative during her visits with us.

Luckily Rosie’s owner had insured her as a young pup, which has helped pay for a  substantial amount of Rosie’s ongoing care. Her dedicated owner keeps Rosie fit with her regular hydrotherapy and long country walks which she still thoroughly enjoys.

Rosie - Pet Of The Year 2014

Rosie – Pet Of The Year 2014