Repeat Prescriptions

If your pet is on medication for an ongoing health problem, your vet will discuss arrangements for repeat prescriptions.
Under the Veterinary Surgeons’ Act, we can only prescribe or dispense medication to animals who are under our care.

For animals on long-term medication, this means that we will request to see your pet for a prescription check at least every 6 months. This interval is at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon and we may need to see some pets more frequently. The prescription check is free of charge.

Typically we will dispense one month of medication at a time. Please give us 48 hours notice when ordering medication as each request must be authorised by a vet and some medications may need to be ordered in. Contact us by phone or in person to order repeat medication.

Written prescriptions are also available on request. This will allow you to order medication from an alternative supplier. Please give 48 hours notice. The duration of the prescription is at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon looking after your pet, but a check at least every 6 months will be required, as above.